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June 29, 2010

Tuesday Spelling Lesson Week 3

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balenced = balanced 

chalanged = challenged (I see a pattern…)

coures = course… this one is the kind of thing I would expect to see type-written (silly, little typos), however it was hand-written.

handel = handle… unless you’re talking about the composer, but since you weren’t….

illitrations = at first I thought “illustrations,” but now I’m not sure that it isn’t “alliterations.”


June 25, 2010

You made that up, didn’t you?

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Now, anyone who knows me knows that I like to make up words. I combine two words to make a snappy sounding contraction. I add -ness and all sorts of other prefixes and suffixes to words just for fun. But I don’t write them down (unless I’m IMing someone who knows me well). That way we don’t end up with words like this one.

Whosey Whatsit? (+ mini spelling lesson)

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“The inside papers were very helpful in writting the major paper.”

They were insight papers. And…

writting = writing… seriously people.

How about Night Court?

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“Please, please, PLEASE Never Make this a Night Class!!”

Do students think that capitalizing the first letter of a word emphasizes it the same way as capitalizing the whole word does? To me, it just looks like a title.

June 24, 2010

I’m going with both

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“Learning how to represent a function as a power series. Being able to tell people my classes, and then they think I’m smart or crazy or both.”

This was for a mid-level math class for majors. Hence the smart and crazy.

If you don’t know, then I sure don’t

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“not act so oblivious, if that’s the right word.”

I really feel like you could give me a little more background on what you mean so that I know if “oblivious” is the right word.

Secrets of the trade

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“Maybe it could be optional for students who believe they can take the college level course of math.”

Let me tell you something about ACT/SAT tests and college. Not only do your overall scores qualify you to get into a good school, but the individual subject scores help the school decide where to place you in certain subjects. Specifically, at the school where I work, a student must achieve 17 or higher on the math portion of the ACT in order to be able to take the “college level course of math.” It’s not about beliefs of the students, it’s about scores.

Or admissions offices could just ask students if they think they could handle it.

June 23, 2010

Check your email for new words

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“Email! Instructor needs to check email more often. Many emails were sent that were not responded to that were time sensitative. It is frustrating to not have a response, expesilly when students are held to the expectation to check school e-mail, so should the instructor.”

“Sensitative,” I kind of like it. It’s like “sensitive” and “meditative” combined, and I like combining words.

“Expesilly” is just silly, though.

Heart stopped beating? I’ve got you covered.

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“Learning CPR. I really think that every one need CPR and I’m glad I had it.”

Seriously? Everyone needs CPR? All the time? Are you the guy in the operating room that takes over when the paddles don’t work? You pound on the patient’s open chest and say things like, “Why’d it have to be him? Take me!” and then the other doctors have to drag you off his cold, lifeless body and pronounce time of death.

This has gotten morbid, or too much like an episode of some medical drama.

Pick one!

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“I did challenge myself and learned new things that I have never would even think of.”

OK, is it “have never,” or [cringe] “never would even?” It can’t be both.

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