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June 25, 2010

You made that up, didn’t you?

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Now, anyone who knows me knows that I like to make up words. I combine two words to make a snappy sounding contraction. I add -nessĀ and all sorts of other prefixes and suffixes to words just for fun. But I don’t write them down (unless I’m IMingĀ someone who knows me well). That way we don’t end up with words like this one.


June 24, 2010

Secrets of the trade

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“Maybe it could be optional for students who believe they can take the college level course of math.”

Let me tell you something about ACT/SAT tests and college. Not only do your overall scores qualify you to get into a good school, but the individual subject scores help the school decide where to place you in certain subjects. Specifically, at the school where I work, a student must achieve 17 or higher on the math portion of the ACT in order to be able to take the “college level course of math.” It’s not about beliefs of the students, it’s about scores.

Or admissions offices could just ask students if they think they could handle it.

June 22, 2010


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“Professor is very smart, sometimes it hard to understand certain concepts”

This is a good way to avoid the it’s/its difficulty. That or you could write “it is.”

For some reason this reminds me of the Oscar winning Best Original Song from a Movie: “It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp.” I think it’s because when they say it in the song it sounds like “It hard out here….”

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