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June 23, 2010

Check your email for new words

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“Email! Instructor needs to check email more often. Many emails were sent that were not responded to that were time sensitative. It is frustrating to not have a response, expesilly when students are held to the expectation to check school e-mail, so should the instructor.”

“Sensitative,” I kind of like it. It’s like “sensitive” and “meditative” combined, and I like combining words.

“Expesilly” is just silly, though.


Heart stopped beating? I’ve got you covered.

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“Learning CPR. I really think that every one need CPR and I’m glad I had it.”

Seriously? Everyone needs CPR? All the time? Are you the guy in the operating room that takes over when the paddles don’t work? You pound on the patient’s open chest and say things like, “Why’d it have to be him? Take me!” and then the other doctors have to drag you off his cold, lifeless body and pronounce time of death.

This has gotten morbid, or too much like an episode of some medical drama.

Pick one!

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“I did challenge myself and learned new things that I have never would even think of.”

OK, is it “have never,” or [cringe] “never would even?” It can’t be both.

June 22, 2010

I really liked…

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“Assignments such as homework”

Really? That’s all you liked about the class? The homework. Good for you… I think.

Tuesday Spelling Lesson Week 2

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aplication = application

flexability = flexibility

irrelavant/irrelevent/irelivent = irrelevant

straied = strayed

thogh = I’m not sure. I would think “though,” but “that” seems better in context.


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“Professor is very smart, sometimes it hard to understand certain concepts”

This is a good way to avoid the it’s/its difficulty. That or you could write “it is.”

For some reason this reminds me of the Oscar winning Best Original Song from a Movie: “It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp.” I think it’s because when they say it in the song it sounds like “It hard out here….”

June 21, 2010

This class was awesome because…

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“The fact it brings me 3 credits closer to graduating.”

Ooooo, that sucks. You’re telling me that you learning nothing  in this entire class? Wow, just, wow.

Some Haikus About Church History

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“(I was told this section was “prose” so I’ve chosen to respond in haiku) (to defy convention)” Defy convention? You go, girl (or boy)! Wait, haikus? Nevermind.

“learned about church
history and doctrines both
Dr. X X* rocks”      [“X X” = two syllables, name removed]

“research paper was
helpful to learn more about
our great history”

Suggested changes:
“there are none to give
but that he control his class
they are very loud”

Objectives met:
“all objectives were
met quickly and clearly too
this class was a treat”

Ouch, Part 2

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“Sometimes I felt that the prof. did not want to teach our class because it was a gen. ed. course.”

June 18, 2010

I’m scared for the future

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“Dont get sidetracked. Focused more on material.”

First off, where is the apostrophe in “Dont?” Second, the way the second sentence is written is just… I don’t know… wrong.

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